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About Dr. Dehnad Hakimi

Dehnad Hakimi

Dehnad Hakimi, PsyD is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in California (PSY 29116). He received his master's and doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. He has extensive training and experience in treatment of adults and older adults with mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and issues related to life transitions.


In his practice of psychotherapy, Dr. Hakimi utilizes an integrative approach that is strength-based and solution focused. Dr. Hakimi's own personal experience of coping with a disability has influenced his professional philosophy of how a successful therapy is defined. He has observed the key elements that often assist clients in achieving emotional stability and improved level of functioning, to include a supportive therapeutic environment focusing on resiliency and building upon one's existing strengths. As such, Dr. Hakimi views mental health difficulties as an aspect of life that co-exists with strengths and must be nurtured. He believes that people with emotional distress can function optimally if they receive social and environmental support that is integrated with their often overlooked internal resources.

Dr. Dehnad Hakimi (PSY 29116) 
Phone: (424) 226-8285
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